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A few days back, a celebrity feminist said in TV that the world would be a better place if “every one is treated equally.”

Her emphasis was obviously upon women empowerment and equal rights to women. I liked her views. Really, there exists a colossal difference in the way opportunities come to men and women, the problems faced by them, the way they think, talk or do a particular job! Suddenly a thought dawned upon me. No matter how many times do we scream, how many effigies we burn demanding equality, will there be equality? Is there really anything like equality? Let’s observe carefully without being biased to any ideology.

Science clearly states that no two objects in this universe are absolutely equal in all aspects. Even the identical twins are similar, not the same. Every leaf of a tree is different. Every single human is different. Every one has a gift! A king size Pandora box which is full of possibilities! Man is a container of infinite potential! Each one of us is born with certain inherent traits. So every individual is unique. Again, from a religious perspective, we all agree upon the fact that God/Supreme Being or the Creator is One and Unique. There is none like Him/Her. So it is but natural that we being His creation, are One and Unique in ourselves! We possess the same spirit as He has. We have unique capabilities, different tendencies and different ways of thinking and understanding. There is nothing equal in this! And that’s where the beauty of life lies. Isn’t it? Rather to make everything equal forcefully would be a problem!

Those men who talk about equal rights to women, they have not and will never experience the pain a mother feels while giving childbirth! Raising a child is not a child’s play! I dare any man to go through (if they can) the intense emotional and psychological ups and downs that a woman feels every month. The women naturally are more tolerant, more patient and more receptive than men! In the ancient India, the women were called by the name Devi which literally means a Goddess. Who are we to bring them down to our standards???

I understand that now a days, the plight of women in society is very depressing. We are living in an era where scientific discoveries have reached the pinnacle but women are not safe in the streets. But that doesn’t mean that women have to be trained, shaped and made to think like men! They have their own inherent and natural traits. If for the sake of empowering and equalizing, we end up destroying their inherent attributes, aren’t we actually deceiving ourselves? Let every woman and man be trained, educated, empowered as per their own aptitude , traits and inherent tendencies. Let the gifts within us bloom to the full. Let all of us be unique in our own ways just like the different seasons. Relaxing and Refreshing at once!




Before moving even one step further in this write up lets all have an “interrogation” or a 1 on 1 question answer round with ourselves.
   How many of us can truly say that we are happy? Yeah well except the sudden glimpses of happiness( which seems more like a peeking child playing hide and seek) our world rotates around the same monotonous life.  Here are some of the secrets of happiness!


Yeah it may sound a bit stupid. Why would i discuss the dictionary meaning of a word as simple as this! We have all learnt the meaning of happiness since our childhood days. Isn’t it? When a child plays with his peers, he laughs out of pure joy! Devoid of any worries of the world. He becomes happy when he receives a gift on his birthday. A young daughter dances with joy when her father gets her a doll to play. An infant chuckles in his mother’s arm even when his senses are as underdeveloped as his brain in this stage. But gradually while growing up, it seems the meaning of happiness changes. We move away from it every time we try to grab it forcefully.


Stress, Anxiety, Fear of failures are some of the many factors which block the path of happiness. We are stressed. We are afraid. We fear the uncertain future which drags us to more uncertainty in return. It is said we actually fear the fear itself. We are afraid of uncertainty. The unseen. We fear something till the time it is not done. Once it is finished we do not possess fear. 
    A student is afraid before the exam. Once he receives the question paper all the anxiety and tension subsides. The next emotion is of either joy or sorrow depending upon his or her performance in the exam.


Happiness is a state of mind. It can never ever be achieved if some one chases it as a goal or milestone. One more thing is that Happiness is not something which we can grab tightly in between our fingers. It is actually a never ending journey which has treasures and gifts at every step we make. Sometimes the gifts are revealed in open. Sometimes we have to search a bit. But the gift remains there for us always.


We must understand that power points, promotions, competitive environment, success in careers all these are actually the parts of life and not life itself. To work wholeheartedly is a virtue. Executing a task gives us a sense of content but we should not sacrifice our family and personal life for it. 


As stated, Happiness is a state of mind! To keep the mind happy and healthy, we must keep the body fit for our mind. WHO definition of health states that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. 
  Regular meditation and exercises in the morning gives us the energy boost to tackle the problems we have to face day long.  Meditation increases our capacity to focus and improves our concentration. Along with that walking daily in the mornings boost our life force. Studies show walking regularly improves our heart function and prevents many diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc.


A healthy food is a must for keeping up a good health. Both for mind and body. Fresh fruits and vegetables, seasonal veggies all these seem to transmit their freshness to us. We should avoid all sorts of junk food or the ones containing excess of oil. Anything disrupting our digestive tract must be avoided.


Happiness is not just a single milestone. It is a multi step process. To attain it, we must work naturally without any fear, any anxiety or any feeling of return.

As said by Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita

“Karmanye vadhikarasteya maa faleshu  kadachanah…”


  That…actually is the secret or key to happiness.