— Dr Kritiranjan Nath

I have deliberately used the term “Christs” in the title, although the scriptures and history speak of only one. Jesus, the Christ, the savior and the messiah. If we closely observe the relevant scriptures of the major religions around the globe, we would find that the undistorted form of Christ and all the great teachers of the world have actually spoken the Same universal truth of life and growth, the eternal journey of being and becoming. I have emphasized the word “undistorted” here. As I think, the sole problem in the spiritual world lies in the distortion and misinterpretation of the scriptures. Many people consider Jesus as God incarnate, the infinite Almighty walking in a finite form. Some others consider Him a messenger Of God. Some others call him a great teacher of humanity. As a whole, it hardly matters what we think of him, but the only thing which matters is how much do we sincerely follow him. How much do we carry Him in our lives, in our daily activities. Christ means the “annointed one”. He is the savior. To follow Him is to follow God. But today, I think there has arisen a time for introspection. To look back into what we have achieved. If we have tried even a little to imbibe Christ in our daily lives, His attributes will be normally seen in our character. If Christ’ s words do not find our bodies, those words will hardly make any change in the world. No matter, how much charity work is carried out all over the globe. Every great teacher of humanity has spoken of the same truth. They have all carried the message of the Supreme Being, the Almighty and have glorified Him throughout their lives. They did not come in this world to create sectarian boundaries or narrow religious organizations. It is but we, the ignorant followers, who create boundaries. We create sects, we divide the people in Christ’s name. Christ means the anointed one, as I have already said. Christ and all the great souls descend to earth for the whole world and not for a particular organization. Hence, all the great teachers of the world can be called Christs. They have all carried the message of God. To differentiate or discriminate between them is a heinous act. The same message is carried over and over again each time according to the time, place and the circumstances. 
    The religions of the east like Hinduism and Buddhism hold a very scientific belief of Avatarvaad or theory of succession of prophets. The Hindus believe that God the Almighty sends His message for humanity through the anointed beings or Avatars. For westerners, consider Avatar to be the Prophet or what we call Navi in the middle east. The Hindus believe that the same spirit travels through Many forms. Though the physical forms may vary, but the truth is always the one. Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Parsurama are among the avatars of the Hinduism. 

  Why did I call this doctrine of Avatarvaad as scientific?

 Because as we can see, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are not considered as different entities,but rather the same spirit in different forms! Likewise there are ten avatars (major) in Hinduism. It’s a fact that Lord Buddha,the propagator and pivotal figure of Buddhism is also considered as an Avatar of Vishnu! In this way, normally, there lies exactly no place of communal tension between the two sects! 

  All the spiritual men are truly religious people. Devoid of narrow mindedness, devoid of any hatred towards any other sectarian followers. Irrespective of the sect they belong to, they all are walking on the path of God. All of the avatars are Christs. To defy any one of them is to defy all. 


The world today, needs more Christ like men. Those men who have manifested Christ in their nature, behavior, words and actions. It is by taking refuge to these Christ like men, the world may take a breath of relief.  Let us all strive towards being the Bible ourselves by carrying out the words of scriptures in our very character. Because, instead of simply reading the Bible, it would be more good to us and to the world at large if we could turn ourselves onto Living Bibles! That would surely make a change for good. 

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How To Channelize the complexes?

What are complexes? They are certain passions or urges which are present in all of us and play an important role in almost every small and large event of our life. They are seen as “evils” or hurdles in the path of spiritual practice.

Interestingly if we closely observe we shall see that these complexes or passions, if utilized properly may bring in a great change in our lives.
         We, the humans are by birth under the action or interplay of a variety of complexes.The major forms of complexes are namely Lust, Anger,Pride, Greed,Infatuation and Envy. These six major vices are considered the greatest of all and these are the complexes which give birth to most of the problems we face. No one is free from the clutches of these complexes.Friends become enemies. Family becomes foe when man falls a prey to these passions. To win over these is actually a herculean task which is almost impossible for the common man. We can never control the complexes but we can surely channelize their powers and utilize them for good. Everything in the universe is an amazing interplay of various forms of energy. The creative force manifests itself in many different and beautiful ways! Complexes too, are forms of energy. The upsurge, the outbursts of complexes are actually storehouses of energy and power. If we adhere to a Guru,  a spiritual guide and try following his principles, we can surely adjust them for good.

   The best way to deal with the sudden upsurges of passions is to deviate them and adjust them for constructive purpose rather than to waste them. Engage yourself in creative activities. Start painting a picture, write something or sing! Do whatever you can! Dance till your complexes start wearing out!  Do whatever you can but deviate the track of complexes. Read a good book. Tell a story. Anything you can do to control the upsurges of passions.Gradually with time, comes the self control. But that needs practice. Try  and explore what are the gifts and skills which the Lord almighty has blessed us with! Meditation is an effective method for adjusting the complexes.

        Complex is like a servant. To have it under control renders us with a storehouse of energy. Untapped raw power! But the same power can outrun us and can be even fatal if not adjusted! They are like a strong current or force of water. It can not be stopped but can surely be changed in direction of flow. It is up to us that how do we utilize it! This is where the secret of happiness lies.

Why are our prayers often unheard?

Prayers and various ascetic practices have been considered as means of attaining peace, a calming balm for healing the various wounds acquired by the struggle we face in our day -to-day lives. All the faiths have made it compulsory to include daily prayers in their daily routine. Some consider Prayer as something miraculous, something which renders them capable for performing certain superhuman deeds. Some others pray just to attain peace of mind. There are also many such devotees who pray to their Lord for saving themselves from some impending danger and to avoid trouble. Whatever might be the reason behind it, Prayers are undoubtedly the strongest articles of faith irrespective of the sect one belongs to. To sit in front of the Lord and to express our desires, our feelings is a part of the prayer, but not the only part!

      But it is utterly surprising that how, in our so called rational world, we have completely lost our senses when it comes to religion and spirituality. Praying and other religious practices, which have always been considered as the pivot of life and growth, are being seen as ways of escaping the real world. Some even call them ‘job of the idles’.

 On the other hand the actual meaning of prayer is quite opposite from this. Actual prayer consists of various parts. While meditating upon the Lord, praising and glorifying the Almighty is obviously an important aspect of prayer, however, it is not the only part! Prayer is actually a three-fold procedure. One part is praising, glorifying the God. Next is to contemplate HIS attributes and to try and imbibe these attributes within our character. The attributes of Truth, Perfection, Mercy, Compassion, Justice and many such virtues are considered Godly in the scriptures. If we worship the Almighty but fail to develop compassionate feelings towards any of His creation, then indeed our prayer is not the real one! If after years of praying, we still have to fight over something with our neighbors, then indeed it is to be contemplated seriously whether or not we have understood the true meaning of prayer. The third part is another important part – doing!

  Yeah, the part of doing, the part of executing what we have said and contemplated upon. Without doing, the condition of the prayer is as worse as a man whose limbs are severed and is still forced to walk by continuous thrashing by a stick. No prayer claims to work without completing the third part of doing. It is like you have completed the electrical circuit and have fitted a bulb. But if you do not switch it on, Will the bulb glow? The same stands true for prayer. Even if by advanced ascetic practices, we claim to have acquired some divine connection with the Lord Almighty, that won’t be of much use if we fail to complete the final procedure of doing.

       The whole universe works on a ‘cause-effect relationship’ . It’s not like we can just do anything out of free air instantly. Even the incidents which apparently look like Miracles have a huge science behind it. Everything is governed by a set of laws and rules. We can not build a house by just any material according to our whims or wish. We need to understand the soil texture, the type of soil, the ground water level and much more. In a nutshell, we must always remember that praying is not just an idle pastime of a lazy man but rather it is an ever dynamic process which involves praising the Lord, contemplating upon His attributes and doing accordingly. Then, surely our prayers will be heard and we shall be bathed in the river of bliss!

The incredible play of “Freewill”

                — Dr. Kritiranjan Nath ‘Anurag’

Out of millions of the life forms inhabiting the earth, Man can be safely called the most intelligent and the most advanced. I shall not call us the best creation; owing to our track records in killing and mutilating our fellow beings and the havoc our race has brought upon nature. Whatever be the circumstances today, it is said that God has created us – the humans after His own image. As a perfect being which is even considered as superior to the celestial beings called “angels” in many scriptures.

    What makes us the most powerful? The best of all? What is that “ingredient” which makes us so special, even though we have limitless limitations? The answer is quite simple actually. It is our own freewill. It is our ability to question, to differ, to reason, to infer and to chase the truth in as many aspects as possible. That, in simple words means Our freewill. 

      According to the scriptures of various sects, God has bestowed upon Man the incredible power of freewill. We are not conditioned, programmed or anything like that in our intrauterine lives. But the astonishing or rather the shocking point is that the “programming” or “conditioning” starts after a child is born. The family, the immediate environment, peers, community everything runs in a race to erase even the trace of humanity in the child. I am not saying that being religious is bad or a kind of evil. Neither am I starting a debate upon theism and atheism.  My intent in this blog is far more deeper than that. Being truly religious is a matter of achievement and pride. If there were truly religious people in the world, the world would have been free from all the miseries by now. Because if a person is truly religious, irrespective of the faith he or she follows, he shall never commit a crime, shall never hurt, shall help those who are in need, shall never commit adultery and shall follow his own faith keeping due regards to all other faiths. If we open any scripture of any particular sect, we will see that the above mentioned points are common in all of them. The beauty which remains latent is that although the Almighty God wants us to follow all these principles in our lives, HE has still kept our freewill intact. We are free to chose our own paths. Though our deeds shall definitely reward or punish us accordingly, which we also call ‘karma’. 

  The point is when the Almighty God did not impose HIS will upon us, who are we to impose our will on others? Records and analyses say that out of the killings and destructions in the world, most are in the name of religion. Which is itself an irony, given the virtues and deeds dictated in the scriptures. 

   No two things in this vast universe are the same. We, just like our creator are unique. It is but very normal and very likely that  we may differ from each other in thoughts and mindset. The Almighty God or the Supreme Being is an entity which is in actual sense very abstract and limitless for our meagre minds. That is the reason that we see a particular aspect of God which is not visible to others and they see a particular aspect which our eyes fail tp conceive.Both are partially correct as both are unable to see the whole truth. But no one can be called wrong. Just like the moon. Its new moon day some where, while others are enjoying the serenity of a full moon. While in some other part of the world, it is halfmoon and so on. But can we call anyone of them wrong? 

    There is a famous story of an elephant and four blind men. Once, a group of four blind men went to see an elephant. Without vision, they went on to feel the elephant with their hands. One grabbed its legs and inferred that elephant is like a pillar. Some other said its like a fan owing to the fan shaped ear of the elephant. Some grabbed it’s tail and  another its trunk. Accordingly, they all  inferred and differed from each other on what the actual elephant looks  like. Only a man who can see, understands that all these are actually different aspects or viewpoints and that the truth is far greater than this.

     This exactly is the difference between spirituality and religion. A spiritual person is limitless, unbound by the limitations of sect, caste, creed or sex, just like the Creator. A spiritual man is truly religious. The world needs spirituality and people who actually follow the religion, not extremists who can not tolerate this divine gift of freewill.


                              — Dr. Kritiranjan Nath

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 Man is a social animal. We differ a lot from our primate forefathers. Not just in food habits or the way of living but in each and every other minute details. Today’s Man has reached the pinnacle of success in terms of Science and technology. He has travelled the world, explored new places and has even hoisted flag on the universe.

   This miraculous feat is not something which comes overnight. Centuries of continuous changes have evolved him into what he is today. The possessor of the most extraordinary mind of the universe has surely a lot to travel, much to explore and much more to win over, but side by side, a bit of introspection is also needed.  Science and Technology has armored Man with latest and extraordinary inventions.  While on one side it’s  super power has rendered us with the latest luxuries of all kinds, the other picture also shows that because of that we are even prepared to erase our species altogether owing to the nuclear power we now have.

   So, what’s the point then? Should we abandon the wonderful and amazing valley of science altogether and return to the stone age once again? Absolutely not. But one thing is to be taken care of. Science cannot be held responsible for the circumstances we face. Man creates  his own destiny, shapes it by his own will (not just wishful thinking), When this mixes with his own blood and sweat, that gives birth to a discovery or an invention. It is Man who executes and controls. But,  today’s world shows a clear picture of moral degradation. Human values make us man. They constitute us. Without values, what difference is there between us and the animals in the woods? The only thing uncommon is that they kill with claws and we with bombs! All the religions of the world speak of this same basic truth. The scriptures teach us the same lesson of humanity, of course, each according to the time, place and circumstances. But the opposite is found to be true. Our newspapers are flooded with the news of the inhuman acts of the humans all over the world. It is not at all astonishing to note that Man is counted as one of the world’s most dangerous animals. People kill each other in the name of religion. Countries are divided, Houses are burnt. People are butchered everyday. Which creator would want His own creation to be destroyed like this? In the early age, when gradually Man started thinking and exploring, He understood that he can not live alone. For maintaining the fundamental principle of life and growth he must take shelter and take proper care of his immediate environment. In earlier days, the massive beasts like Sabre toothed tiger and wooly mammoths were hunted by group of Men. Man killed them. Not just for food, shelter and clothing but also for self defense. Those hunts taught him that we can not live alone. Then he learnt agriculture and once again, the impact and need for a social system was seen. Those doctrines which we feel proud in rejecting, are actually years of experimental facts which played a pivotal role in binding the society of contemporary times together. 

   Time has changed, so has our mindset and everything around us. But the thing which still stands true is our humanity, our values. History is evident that whenever a species has lost it’s values, it’s innate distinctive characters, it has become extinct from the face of earth! The evolution due to which we are humans, of which we boast so much is a resultant of a large number of processes which are governed by the values, the morals, and the innate hankering for life and growth.

   In absence of that very hankering, the scenario of death and destruction prevails everywhere. Which makes us question…..Are we not de–evolving into wild beasts again? 



Before moving even one step further in this write up lets all have an “interrogation” or a 1 on 1 question answer round with ourselves.
   How many of us can truly say that we are happy? Yeah well except the sudden glimpses of happiness( which seems more like a peeking child playing hide and seek) our world rotates around the same monotonous life.  Here are some of the secrets of happiness!


Yeah it may sound a bit stupid. Why would i discuss the dictionary meaning of a word as simple as this! We have all learnt the meaning of happiness since our childhood days. Isn’t it? When a child plays with his peers, he laughs out of pure joy! Devoid of any worries of the world. He becomes happy when he receives a gift on his birthday. A young daughter dances with joy when her father gets her a doll to play. An infant chuckles in his mother’s arm even when his senses are as underdeveloped as his brain in this stage. But gradually while growing up, it seems the meaning of happiness changes. We move away from it every time we try to grab it forcefully.


Stress, Anxiety, Fear of failures are some of the many factors which block the path of happiness. We are stressed. We are afraid. We fear the uncertain future which drags us to more uncertainty in return. It is said we actually fear the fear itself. We are afraid of uncertainty. The unseen. We fear something till the time it is not done. Once it is finished we do not possess fear. 
    A student is afraid before the exam. Once he receives the question paper all the anxiety and tension subsides. The next emotion is of either joy or sorrow depending upon his or her performance in the exam.


Happiness is a state of mind. It can never ever be achieved if some one chases it as a goal or milestone. One more thing is that Happiness is not something which we can grab tightly in between our fingers. It is actually a never ending journey which has treasures and gifts at every step we make. Sometimes the gifts are revealed in open. Sometimes we have to search a bit. But the gift remains there for us always.


We must understand that power points, promotions, competitive environment, success in careers all these are actually the parts of life and not life itself. To work wholeheartedly is a virtue. Executing a task gives us a sense of content but we should not sacrifice our family and personal life for it. 


As stated, Happiness is a state of mind! To keep the mind happy and healthy, we must keep the body fit for our mind. WHO definition of health states that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. 
  Regular meditation and exercises in the morning gives us the energy boost to tackle the problems we have to face day long.  Meditation increases our capacity to focus and improves our concentration. Along with that walking daily in the mornings boost our life force. Studies show walking regularly improves our heart function and prevents many diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc.


A healthy food is a must for keeping up a good health. Both for mind and body. Fresh fruits and vegetables, seasonal veggies all these seem to transmit their freshness to us. We should avoid all sorts of junk food or the ones containing excess of oil. Anything disrupting our digestive tract must be avoided.


Happiness is not just a single milestone. It is a multi step process. To attain it, we must work naturally without any fear, any anxiety or any feeling of return.

As said by Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita

“Karmanye vadhikarasteya maa faleshu  kadachanah…”


  That…actually is the secret or key to happiness.