​   TWENTY FIRST Century Earth has witnessed several changes in the world scenario. Not only in the form of scientific advancements and socio-political aspects, but also in tems of mindset and outlook of it’s inhabitants.Today, we have already reached and hosted the flag of victory over moon. People are already thinking about Mars as shelter!  Immortality seems so close with the improvements in medical science!!! (Not an exaggeration, i will be posting about this in my next blog).

   At this juncture of time, we find various veiws, thoughts, ideologies clashing and fulfilling each other continuously. Vegeterianism is one of them! Yeah not that high on the trend list but still increasing! People switch on to vegan diet for various reasons. May be for medical, or religious or due to overt affection towards the animals. Whatever might be the cause, it won’t be false to say that the vegan population is on the rise.

  Here, I have tried to make a compilation of some of the books of medicine and religion. I have also included the veiws of my Guru Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, who is one of the greatest seers (Rishi)  of all times. 

  Please note that this blog does not intend to arouse any debate or controversy. Its just that I myself was a non vegeterian once. This compilation by me is an act of support towards all the vegan folks out there who are often ridiculed (with no reason) by others.

“Animal food is harmful to the bliss. It weakens the nervous system. At least I think so. Alcohol consumption causes stimulation, the alcohol acts as a stimulant. It aggravates the hankering to have stimulant. Fish and Flesh are of the same type as I know.”
Ref. [Alochana Prasange, vol. 11]
“I think that the biological component of fish and flesh have a horrible effect on the body cells. It causes an abnormal excitation in our body. It accelerates the process of cell division. As a result of this, the body may get a transient nutrition but it becomes harmful in the long run.”
Ref. [Alochana Prasange, vol. 5]
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“Once, when I consumed onion, i had a fever of 105 degrees! That day I understood it’s toxic effect. I think everyone feels the same. But as they are habituated, they can’t feel it. But the harm is already done.”
Ref. [Amrita Nirjhar]
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1. “Machh-mangsho khasne ar, peyaj-rasun-madak chhar.”

 -S.S Thakur
2. “Sattaposhani niramish ahar, sobar cheye valo, amish ahar uttejonay, swastho kore kalo.”

  -S.S Thakur
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Vegetarianism is the voluntary abstinence from eating meat.
* Vegetarianism is recommended as a dietary therapy for a variety of conditions, including heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and stroke.
*Vegetarianism is a major dietary therapy in the alternative treatment of cancer. 
*Other conditions treated with a dietary therapy of vegetarianism include obesity , osteoporosis, arthritis, allergies , asthma, environmental illness, hypertension, gout, gallstones , hemorrhoids, kidneystones, ulcers, colitis, premenstrual syndrome, anxiety, and depression. 
*Vegetarians often report higher energy levels, better digestion, and mental clarity. 
*Vegetarianism is an economical and easily implemented preventative practice as well.
*Toxicity is produced in our body due to high protein diet. It aggravates the chances of hypertension, hypercholestremia, and reduces the life span.

1 [Medical dictionary]

2 [Biochemistry and dietics for Medical students by Dr. Satyanarayan]

3 My own class notes 🙂

The list of famous vegetarians forms an illustrious group. The ancient Greek philosophers, including Socrates, Plato, and Pythagoras, advocated vegetarianism. In modern times, the word to describe someone who likes to feast on food and wine is”epicure,” but it is little known that Epicurus, the ancient philosopher, was himself a diligent vegetarian. Other famous vegetarians include 

*Leonardo da Vinci, 

*Sir Isaac Newton, 

*Leo Tolstoy, 

*Ralph Waldo Emerson, *Henry Thoreau. 
This century’s celebrated vegetarians include 
*Mahatma Gandhi,  

*Albert Schweitzer, 

*writer George Bernard Shaw, 

*musician Paul McCartney, and 

*champion triathlete 

Dave Scott. 
Albert Einstein, although not a strict vegetarian himself, stated that a vegetarian diet would be an evolutionary step for the human race.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

ALBERT EINSTEIN, quoted in Sinfully Vegan


¤ According to the bible, the first people were vegetarians. The first two chapters of Genesis tell a story of man and animal being companions,and trees being the source of food. In Genesis chapter 1, verse 29, God commands man to only eat fruits and vegetables…..

Genesis 1:29

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.”
Ref. [Genesis 1:29]

¤ In Srimad Bhagvad Gita, it is there:

“Foods which promote longevity, intelligence, vigour, health, happiness and cheerfulness, and which are juicy, succulent, substantial and naturally agreeable, are liked by men of Sattvika nature.”

Ref. [Srimad Bhagvad Gita, chapter 17, 8th shloka]
¤ Buddhist view:
Bhagwaan Buddha placed immense importance on kindness and compassion towards all living beings. His teachings include the following:
Not superstitious rites but kindness to servants and underlings, respect to those deserving of respect, self control coupled with kindness in dealing with living creatures, these and virtuous deeds of like nature are verily the rites that are everywhere to be performed.
The teaching of Bhagwaan Mavaveer is:

One should not hurt a living being intentionally or by negligence in the strictest sense. We are not to injure any living organism however small it may be, directly with our hands, by causing some one to do so on our behalf or by consent to the act of injury.

The controversy over veg or non veg Diet shall continue lifelong. While everyone is entitled to one’s own opinion, there are many other factors (other than taste)which I have tried to include in this compilation.